ART 110 Feedback

This class is easily one of my favorite classes that I’ve taken in college.

(This statement isn’t for the sake of extra credit, but is actually genuine).

The activities, no matter the simplicity, challenged my inner creativity that I didn’t know I had.

My three favorite activities are definitely Plaster Casting, Graffiti Writing and even the Zines & Flip Books, despite the setback. I love going to the beach and to go there, relax and dive into plaster casting (something that I’ve never done before) is the greatest homework experience. I was lucky enough to have someone help me with graffiti writing and to be able to go to Venice Beach for extra credit was a fun and adventurous way to start my morning. Lastly, the amount of freedom we had with making zines was what made it fun! We were able to create anything that meant something to us and designing my very own mini magazine is something I wanna do again the future.

It’s a little more tough to choose my three least favorite activities since I enjoyed at least one thing about each activity. But if I had to choose, it would be Landscapes with a Corpse (because I had a hard time thinking of a scene and finding someone to help me so I had to do it by myself), Sketching in the Garden (because I can’t draw but I loved going to the Japanese Gardens) and Vlogs (even though I didn’t do it, I’m not very good at talking to cameras).

The hybrid format of the class was definitely convenient since we only had to attend class once a week. However, I had a problem with remembering to check the website and e-mails to find out what’s going on in class.

The SOA Gallery visits were great! It’s awesome to be able to see people’s work and talk to them about it because we really get to know the purpose of their work. Artist Conversations, however, got a bit tedious over the course of the semester, but I figured it’s how we learn.

Classmate Conversations are definitely awkward since we’re forced to talk to people. Some people do better at others when you force them to make friends. BUT if it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t be as comfortable talking to other students.

The weekly blog posts are helpful because (obviously) they tell us what’s going on in class AND because we get to see how other people do in activities and possibly be inspired.

Using WordPress helped me (slightly) get over the fear of having my work be seen by other people. Having an ePortfolio is absolutely valuable. We live in an age of urgency and in the future, when we start job hunting, employers want to know about you, and you want them to get that information as quickly as possible, and what’s quicker than the internet.

To be honest, the Art Talk OTW videos were hard to keep my attention to. However, I believe that the discussion is interactive enough since we are able to respond to each other’s viewpoints and comments.

In high school, I never thought I would take any interest in art, but taking this class increased my appreciation for it. This class made me want to pursue art a little more. I was able to try a lot of new things I never thought I would ever enjoy.

Thank you for the creatively-challenging semester!


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