Week 14 // Classmate Conversation: Roxana Chavez

The question OTW this week was definitely a little more different and not directly related to Art. Describe what the College Experience will be like for a student in 2036. When I asked fellow ART110 student, Roxana, we had the same ideas. She also believes that in about 20 years, there will be less professors teaching and classrooms will consist of big screens that will take over. Since there will be a bigger emphasis on technology use, student won’t have to come to class all the time. We both hope that college in the future will be cheaper, as every college student desire. And what will follow are more opportunities to more varieties of groups, such as DACA students.

Roxana is 2nd year CSULB student pursuing a degree in Healthcare Administration. She’s originally from Carson so she’s pretty local. When I asked her why she chose that major, I was surprised because we had the same idea behind our choice of major, but what differed was the industry that we chose. At first, she wanted to be a nurse, but soon realized that in nursing, you focus on hands-on experience in helping people. Instead, she found that she wanted to focus on the business side of helping those same people. I chose Marketing as my major because I wanted to pursue a creative major, but felt that the business side is what I would excel at more.

As we both pursue almost similar majors, we take the same pre-requisites. So far, her favorite class related to her major is Economics. To her, it’s intriguing to know what goes on in the real world and how everything works.

On the side, she works on campus as a SOAR advisor in the summer. Her favorite shows to watch are Grey’s Anatomy and How To Get Away With Murder. She’s currently reading The Girl On The Train, which I intend on reading as well!

Check her out! https://roxannnechav.wordpress.com/ 


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