Week 14 // Activity: Instagram

This week’s activity was a very unique art experience. I love how it’s focus is, essentially, on everyday life and a popular tool almost every college student uses. It’s great to see everyone’s style of Instagram use — some posted selfies, what they were eating, what they were doing that day, pets, etc. Others posting higher quality photos than others, and others not caring about filters.


It’s natural to be caught up in our own lives, not giving any thought about what other people could be doing. A good amount of the other students were posting pictures at CSULB because of course, that’s where most of them are spending their day. One guy shared his morning and posted a cool picture of the sand at Seal Beach. Someone shared a glimpse of their morning commute to school and took a beautiful picture of Vincent Thomas Bridge. Another posted a picture of playing Monopoly and one posted a picture of the Disneyland castle showing how they ended their night!


To be honest, at first I didn’t understand the purpose behind the activity, but as I write this, I get more and more excited about seeing glimpses of fellow students’ lives — something that normally doesn’t cross my mind.


Shout out to that one guy who posted pictures of kleenex, flowers, rocks and crayons. You made my night.


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