Week 8 // Classmate Conversation: Araceli Lozano

Visiting the Japanese Gardens was a pretty great experience, and being able to sit, talk and walk around with Araceli made the class day even better. She’s a business major, planning to graduate with a focus in Human Resources. Since I’m planning to be a business major as well, we had a good talk about the classes and she gave me some advice on what to take, such as suggesting for me to take a certain class at the community college instead of on campus.

Regarding the question, “Would you be supportive of your child wanting to pursue an art career? Why or why not?” she answered a bit unsurely. She expressed the importance of encouraging her child to follow their dreams, and she would support them no matter what. However, if her child wasn’t particularly skilled in art then she would advice him/her to stray away from the path. It’s hard to survive out there in the world and she just wants to ensure their success.

When comparing apps, hers and mine weren’t too different from each other. I keep most of the non-downloaded apps in my first page. What was interesting was that Araceli kept her Netflix, Amazon Video and Hulu apps in the first page, along with the Starbucks app. She likes to watch her shows during her lunch breaks so she has the apps ready in the first page. The Starbucks app is there to support her caffeine needs.

Check out Araceli’s Blog!


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