Week 6 // Artist Conversation: Blaine Scott Prow

Exhibit Information

Artist: Blaine Scott Prow

Exhibition: Extrusions

Media: Bristol on Foamcore

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Merlino Gallery

Instagram: @tiffuts


Prow began his college career at CSULB originally with the intent to join the Mechanical Engineering program; eventually, however, he found that it wasn’t the right path. Now in 2016, he is a senior pursuing a BFA in Studio Art, with an emphasis in Graphic Design.

Geometry and the construction, interaction and relationship between shapes have always been a passion for Prow for as long as he could remember. From drawing lines to transitioning between three-dimensional and two-dimensional objects, his interest heightened.

Six unique cutouts filled the small gallery. Prow’s first exhibition started simply through experimentation. He was experimenting with cutting paper and formed the shapes almost by accident. In each piece, we see the original cut of the paper with the help of the black foam core board. Prow demonstrates how a specific 2-D shape can be transformed into a different 3-D shape, shown in Triangle-Square and Square Pentagon. Looking at the black two-dimensional shape, one wouldn’t initially realize how the three-dimensional shape was formed by the cut since the 3-D figure looks completely different. Each cut and fold is precise, down to the angle and straightness of the line.

2-D and 3-D are the concepts presented. Prow is able to find a way to illustrate the relationship between the two in a very unique and astonishing manner. He demonstrates a different way of seeing shapes besides the standard and straightforward way that we are generally used to. Evidently, we see that two-dimensional and three-dimensional shapes can interact in different ways. It’s all about seeing where the shape comes from.

Seeing art and geometry explicitly put together is definitely fascinating. Prow developed a way to change a person’s perspective on shapes and having them see the 2-D and 3-D relationship in a different way. The exhibition reminded me of a project I did in a design class in which I created a single, small design, but repeated it on the paper, but in a variety of directions of angles, creating a pattern. His description on the importance of accuracy reminded me of that project since precision in cutting was significant and something I definitely struggled with.


Unfortunately, all my pictures from my phone got deleted today so I couldn’t provide any pictures. More about that story on my Week 6 activity post.


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