Week 6 // Activity: Zines & FlipBooks

Story time.

So here I am, 45 minutes after midnight, sadly having JUST finished my zine.


Because of my lack of Apple product understanding.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

I had FINALLY decided on what pictures to use, and all of these photos were saved only in my iPhone. In order for me to print the photos, I had to transfer them to my Macbook.

So there I was, attempting to use Bluetooth to transfer the pictures (phone to laptop), but for some reason, it just wasn’t working.

I moved on.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

I grabbed my charger cord and decided to just plug my phone into the laptop and do it manually. I plugged in my phone and as usual, the iTunes application pops up and insists on having my phone restored and backed up. I have no idea exactly why, but at that shining moment I decided, “why not…” and clicked on the restore button without really thinking.

15 minutes later, it finished. I opened my Photos app and to my horror, all my photos were gone. Instead, all of my photos from my laptop restored from my old iPhone were there.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

My heart stopped. I looked at the rest of my phone. My apps and text messages looked like how it was a year ago — how it looked on my old iPhone.

Then I realized. I restored my old iPhone data to my new iPhone. And now, all the data I had, including photos, were now gone. Just like that.

I ate dinner, sat there for a good hour or two sulking, feeling very discouraged and basically didn’t want to finish the project. Finally, at 10:30pm, I changed my mind and just looked through old photos, found some I really liked, and worked on the project.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Don’t get me wrong, I loved making the zine and hope to make better ones in the future (but maybe improve my iPhone understanding and attention span too).


2 thoughts on “Week 6 // Activity: Zines & FlipBooks

  1. Nice work Patricia Arienne! 🙂

    Sorry about all the stress. 😦

    I do more Google than Apple… but with Google Photos I just have it set up so that everything syncs to everything… if I take a photo with my phone… it’s automatically (and almost instantly) on my laptop & desktop too. If I delete a photo on my desktop, it’s deleted from my phone too. This works really well for me. The main thing is I can just go snap something with my phone and then start using it on some project on my laptop with no fuss.

    I’m not really familiar with Apple Photos, but I’m sure they work the same way. Maybe you have to turn something on or get sync going or something. If you don’t need it often it might not really matter. In my case I use it all the time and would go nuts without it.

    Sorry again for the stress, but glad you got a nice result in the end! 😀

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