Week 5 // Activity: Graffiti Writing

At least I got to have some fun to interrupt my usual school-work-homework weekly schedule.

I was blessed to have someone whose had experience in graffiti art and for him to guide my cluelessness through this activity. Like the last activity, my friend and I ended up setting up in his garage in the morning and messed around with the spray paint (at least to the best of my abilities). We found some big unused boxes, cut it up, laid them out on the table, and proceeded.


Mine unexpectedly resulted in a very fresh prince of bel-air vibe — which is something I’m definitely happy about as a fan of the show. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to do this again on a random day.

That same day (literally after we finished with the graffiti), we headed over to Venice…


Went into Small World Books as a first stop…


…and couldn’t figure out which ones were the zines at first, but I stumbled upon them eventually. I became obsessed and almost bought some, but my college student bank account gave me a quick reality check.


Can’t forget what we really came to Venice for… Italian Black Truffle Fries.


Okay, back home we go. To more graffiti art-Venice beach-super cute small magazines-bomb french fries-frozen pink lemonade days to come!



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