Week 2 // Activity: Landscapes With A Corpse

When I thought about how to approach this activity, initially I wanted something more elaborate. If I was missing and assumed dead due to mysterious reasons, I would like to think that coincidentally the last place people would look is my own bedroom. Why? I’m just not home often enough. You usually can’t find me in my own room most of the time. I’m either at school, work, dance rehearsal, or with friends. I enjoyed the ironic simplicity yet darkness of the whole idea.

In the first photo I wanted the scene to be more casual and inconspicuous — at a first glance, my body won’t be too obvious. The second photo is just a closer look at the body. Creating this didn’t take too long and since I was by myself I had to get a little creative with taking the shot so I would like to thank my laptop table, my textbooks (and other books), and my ever-so-helpful self-timer. This couldn’t have been possible without you guys.


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